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The End Of Marriage? Next Year S3x Robots Will Be Able To Cook And Clean

by Aline UWITONZE . @icapaltd 741 Views


The End Of Marriage? Next Year S3x Robots Will Be Able To Cook And Clean It's been confirmed for the last 3 years or so that blow-up dolls have been radically updated. From a bag of air to a real-life robot with human features and moving parts- the blow-up doll 2.0 is none other than the "s3xbot", and they are here to stay. Realistic s3xbots are part of a growing $3 billion industry – aiming to create dolls that look and operate like real women. But now, they have gone past s3x- now the robots can cook and clean.
The new wave of s3xbots aim to be more realistic and are made to create a more intimate relationship between the robot and human. The race to create the first fully robotic s3x doll is on – and Matt McMullen is at the forefront
Matt says Harmony will cost between $10,000 and $20,000 depending on the customization the buyer chooses. There will be 18 different personality types to choose from, ranging from happy or sensual, to shy and talkative. The s3x robot maker has been working on the latest range since 2014. But Matt claims that his customers do not just want doll to have s3x with. He said: “They want to hold hands, get a hug when they come home. The reason I’ve focused on the head first is that it doesn’t matter how beautiful a woman is, a man will always look at her face the most."
Arran Lee Wright, is the the inventor of a sexbot, he calls her Samantha. While being interviewed on live television, he admitted that his children play with the doll, but only when she is in "family mode." Arran, who gives Samantha several test runs himself, said his three and five-year-old children even ask where she is. The s3x robot has been developed with artificial intelligence which allows her to respond to different scenarios and includes a fully functional g-spot.
And despite the AI being turned off to avoid any rude comments - Samantha shouted out some filthy lines live on the U.K. show This Morning. Arran said his robot is one of the first you can interact verbally with, which means his kids chat to Samantha when she is in 'family mode'. He said: "I have two children myself, and Samantha has a family mode. She can talk about animals, philosophy, science, she has a programme of a thousand jokes. There s a lot to Samantha and she’s advanced. My children they say, 'where’s Samantha?'. She can be at home, and you can ask her about animals."




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